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Sep 8, 2006

Laser guided pool cue

Here is something for profi pool players! But isnt this a little nerdy, I mean LASER GUIDED POOL CUE! Ha, who will buy something like that for 50$? Brrrrrrrrr, weirdy

This is the first laser-guided regulation-sized pool cue. When activated, the harmless visible laser provides a precise guide for lining up the perfect shot with pinpoint accuracy. The touch sensor on/off switch features both manual and automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. The set includes a 58" two-piece cue with a secure microfiber grip and an aluminum joint and ferrule, in addition to two tip scuffers, two chalks, three replacement leather-tipped ferrules, and a zippered nylon carrying case with shoulder strap and accessory pocket. Requires three 1.5V batteries (six are included). 58" L. (3 lbs.)

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