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Jul 22, 2006

George Bush - funny pictures

Bush loves turkey - White House officials were unable to determine why President Bush opted to dine on ham this Thanksgiving instead of turkey.

Presidential Inspection - I don't know which is funnier, the guy kneeling in front of Bush or the guy with the grin behind him.

George Bush stinks - Colin Powell may want to walk in front next time.

The Pope and Bush - "What an id..t!"

Bush lost again - after seeing his latest approval rating, it appears President Bush's heart has dropped into his stomach.

Bush cleavage - Nice... umm... champagne glass!

Bush the babysitter - you can really tell he has kids of his own.

Bush thinking hard - President Bush after being asked to assess the war in Iraq.

Politics aside, has anyone in the spotlight ever made so many goofy faces?

Real compassion? - more upsetting than funny.

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