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Oct 6, 2007

Sexy and wierd facts and stats

Sexy facts and stats

Approximately one in fifty, or 2% of people have a third nipple - and 68% of women said they would date someone with a third nipple!

Mark Wahlberg has three nipples, the third of which had to be airbrushed out for his Calvin Klein underwear ads!

Ann Boleyn
Ann Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, had a third breast, as well as six fingers on her left hand!

Men have redundant lactatory glands in their nipples - meaning under the right circumstances we could produce milk!

Sometimes babies, both male and female, are born producing milk - this is called "witchs milk"!

Japanes women, who view dark areola as a sign of ageing can use creams developed for "pinkeing" the nipples!

Nipple piercing Nipple piercing can take up to a year and a half to fully heal!

In West Africa the Assini women encourage insect larvae to attack their nipples, as very large nipples are considered sexy!

The worlds longest nipple hair was recorded dangling from Tyler Ing in London in March 2004 - it measured 8.89cm!

According to a Glamour survey readers sexual dreams would come true with: 35% for more forelay, and 30% for more orgasms!

In a USA survey women chose what makes them happiest in bed. The top 3 choices: 51% sleep - 18% food - 14% making love!

During the 2005-2006 school year 28 kindergarten students, five and six year olds, were suspended in Maryland public schools for "sex offenses", including 15 who were accused of sexual harassment!

sexA study in the Review of General Psychology reports that 91% of young women and 84% of young men approve of premarital sex. In the 1950s just 12% of women and 40% of men approved of sex before marriage.

35% of women have had feelings for a male friend that they have never revealed!

According to the average woman kisses 29 men before getting married!

3% of women cant remember their natural hair color!

In less than 15 years China will have 30 million more men of "marriageable age" than women!

When naming their babies, Danish parents must choose a moniker approved by the MFCA (Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs. The ministry has a master list of more than 13300 names!

Drug facts and stats

Based on government estimates of USA marijuana production and a producer price of about 1,600$ a pound, the total value of all the pot grown annually has been calculated to be just less than 36 BILLION $!

In Israel increased border security measures enacted since the recent war with Hezbollah forces in Lebanon have sent the price of marijuana soaring 800%!

marijuana According to the 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 97.5 million Americans aged 12 or older tried marijuana at least once in their lifetimes, representing 40.1% of the U.S. population in that age group. The number of past year marijuana users in 2005 was approximately 25.4 million (10.4% of the population aged 12 or older) and the number of past month marijuana users was 14.6 million (6.0%).

According to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 77.6% of State prisoners and 71.2% of Federal prisoners surveyed in 2004 indicated that they used marijuana/hashish at some point in their lives.

There were a total of 1,846,351 state and local arrests for drug abuse violations in the United States during 2005. Of the drug arrests, 4.9% were for marijuana sale/manufacturing and 37.7% were for marijuana possession.

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is one of the major drugs making up the hallucinogen class of drugs. It was discovered in 1938 and is manufactured from lysergic acid, which is found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other grains.

Money facts and stats

money The average life of a dollar bill is eighteen months. Five dollar bills last about fifteen months, with twenties remaining in circulation for two years. Ten dollar bills have about the same lifespan as singles do, and the larger denomination bills can last up to eight years.

In 1960, the Federal Reserve had $177.41 in cash circulating for every person living in the United States. In 1990, the amount had grown to $1,062.86 per capita.

The winning bid of 3,001,501$ on eBay has for window and frame from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired to kill President John Kennedy!

Prices paid at Mastro Auctions for snippets of historical figures hair: Elvis Presley 115,000$, Abraham Lincoln 34,309$, George Washington (his real hair) 14,052$, Marilyn Monroe 7,626$ and Jackie Onassis Kennedy 4,024$!

10% of worldwide music industry revenue now comes exclusively from ringtone sales!

80$ - price of a 30 minute hand massage and heat treatment to soothe business travelers paintful BlackBerry thumb, offered by many Hyatt hotel spas in North America.

Commercial delivery services like UPS and FedEx pay through the nose for making stops in New York with an average of 7000 parking tickets slapped on their vehicles every day. In 2005 delivery companies paid more than 102 MILLION $ in fines to the city!

wax replica Paris Hilton
<--- a wax replica of Paris Hilton

You can have a wax replica of yourself made by Madame Tussauds for 270,000$!

The real cost of the Irish Flu - according to the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center hangovers cost Americas economy about 148 BILLION $ annually in worker absenteeism and poor job performance!

Jessica Alba

Winning bid on eBay for a bra Jessica Alba wore during the filming Sin City - 1,025$!

The UK department of internal affairs, the Home Office, settled out of court with 198 arrested heroin addicts who had claimed that jailing them "cold turkey" amounted to assault and a violation of human rights. Each prisoner and former inmate was paid - some received as much as 9,500$!

Other random facts and stats

remote controls

The average USA household possesses 6 remote controls!

Only 6 of the 1000 workers in the USA embassy in Baghdad speak fluent Arabic!

1 of 5 professional rodeo bull riders wear a hockey helmet instead of a cowboy hat as a safety measure!

The Institute of Medicine and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that only about 35% of hospital employees consistently wash their hands before examining patients!

Males behind the wheel run a 77% greater risk of being killed in a car crash than female drivers!

USS New York Built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the WTC (World Trade Center) the NAVY assault ship USS New York (LPD-21), which is being constructed in New Orleans, survived Hurricane Katrina!

Female office workers keyboards and computer mice are infested with 3 to 4 times as many germs as those of male office workers!

The average American goes through 743 tissues a year!

On average women speak about 20 000 words each day - men speak about 7000!

66% of Americans who think federal agencies have intruded on privacy rights during terrorism investigations
45% who oppose congressional hearings on how the president Bush administration has handled surveillance and other terrorism related issues

31% of Spa customers are men says the International Spa Association!

Guinness has 8752 years remaining on its lease in Dublin. In 1759 Arthur Guinness took over the brewery at St. James Gate and signed a contract commiting to 9000 years at 70$ a year!

A survey conducted by MyVoice found that 48% of respondents consider body odor and poor personal hygiene a turnoff, while just 4% feel the same about refusing to wear a condom!

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Oct 5, 2007

Crazy mind quotes

Tom Araya - vocalist and bassist of the American thrash metal band Slayer
Tom Araya Slayer

"As far as thinking about death and murder and various ways of killing people and how people die... I probably have the most twisted mind in Slayer."

Richard Milhous Nixon - the 37th President of the United States
Richard Nixon

"I gave 'em a sword. And they stuck it in, and they twisted it with relish. And I guess if I had been in their position, I'd have done the same thing."

Lucy Liu - Chinese Holywood actress

"Once I put the kimono on it was a whole different ball game because it would get twisted up, the sleeves are really long."

Douglas Adams - English author, comic radio dramatist, and musician

Douglas Adams
"Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen. Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again It doesn't necessarily do it in chronological order, though."

Swami X - anonymous psychedelic hippie comedian
"Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer."

Matt Groening - American cartoonist and the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama
Matt Groening

"Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come."

Otto von Bismarck - Chancellor of the North German Confederation
"I have only one ambition left: I should like to have a good epitaph."

Bob Hope - American entertainer
Bob Hope

"Middle Age is when your age starts to show around your middle."

Elbert Hubbard - American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher

"A pessimist is one who has been intimately acquainted with an optimist."

Tony Curtis - American film actor
Tony Curtis

"The movie business is very twisted, out of site, out of mind, you know."

Jack Finney - American author, science fiction and thrillers

"Cured an old magpie of the toothache, twisted his old yud off, throwed his body in a dry ditch and drowned him."

Anna Held - Polish-born stage performer

"Riding astride is the most healthful and the most comfortable fashion. I have more purchase, more command. It is not good to ride twisted. Any doctor will say the same thing."

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May 17, 2007

Funny and crazy animals

Colection of funny and crazy animals! Enjoy!

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Jan 24, 2007

Geeky USB powered devices

USB drives comes in thousands of designs and colors, and we brought to you this extraordinary wacky and geeky USB drives and USB powered devices!

USB powered Holiday Tree - prepare yourself for next Xmas

usb xmas tree

* USB-powered mini holiday tree with blue LED light
* Power Supply: 5V/1A, Standard USB
* Works with USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 ports
* Connector: USB Type-A Male Plug
* Dimensions: 3.2" dia x 4.5" tall

USB Microscope

* Take snapshots, video, and time-lapse movies
* 3 magnification levels - 10X, 60X, and 200X
* Super-brite LED lighting for bright top and bottom illumination
* Video playback at 15 frames/sec
* Resolution of 640x480

USB Rocket Launcher

This rocket launcher connects to your computer via USB. This Rocket Launcher, with 360 degree horizontal rotation and 45 degree vertical rotation, the USB Rocket Launcher can fire over six meters! Cool! Nice toy for your kids, or maybe for yourself...

Fun in office with USB Rocket Launcher

USB Snowbot

* Scanning LED Robotic Eye
* Rate of sweeping is controllable via knob
* Selectable LED Robotic Eye Colors (Blue or Red)
* Authentic Snowbot Sound (on/off switch)
* Rotating, articulating metal arms
There is a chance that the artificial intelligence which created the robot armies of the future originated from a massive connection of small USB desktop devices plugged into computers connected to the Internet. Please don't blame us if, by attempting to find a way to save humanity, we have inadvertently doomed it. Thank you.

...and USB powered color-changing Snowman

USB Beverage Cooler

* Coldplate chills to 45˚F
* Helps keeps your beverage cool
* Dimensions: 5.25" x 3.25" x 1.4"

USB Mug Warmer & Hub

* Heats up to 80 degrees celcius
* 110mm wide by 110mm deep. 120mm high.
* Insulative section (metal part) diameter 72mm
* Weight 110 grams
* On/off switch with LED indicator

Legendary Swiss Army USB

* USB storage in Swiss Army knife design
* USB Flash Drive (easily detachable)
* Includes: Red LED light, ballpoint pen, knife, scissors, file with screwdriver, keyring

USB Aquarium - add water and conect to USB, and voila!

* USB-powered desktop aquarium with aquarium tank, USB cable, 2 fish
* Works with any computer or gaming console with a USB port
* Swimming fish with hinged tails and life-like motion
* Blue LED can be used to light-up the aquarium or for night operation
* Dimensions: 3.75" wide x 3.5" high x 2.5" deep

This USB aquarium looking cool in the dark - the soft blue light creates very cool nightlight

USB powered Pole Dancer

USB powered Santa Drums

more crazy USB drives and devices

 ThinkGeek Gadgets

USB bra!!? Yeah, unplug and play!

USB belt - for hidding some private "data files"

USB drive for doctors

Misc USB devices

USB padlock

"Edible" USB drives

Bulletproof USB drive

Lego USB Drive

More geeky USB powered devices and USB drives @ ThinkGeek Gadgets

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