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Dec 17, 2006

Printable funny signs

Prank your friend, familly or work colleague!

Save this pictures on your computer, print and you can use them in your office, on the street, backyard, at home, school...

Nothing [1500x2000]

Anti Stress [827x1169]

Auto Repair [827x1169]

Beer Ammo [827x1169]

Bridge [2000x1500]

Bulletproof [1134x2000]

Cancer [2000x1400]

Complaint Department [827x1169]

Fast Dog [1134x2000]

Floor Below [2000x1600]

Glock [2000x1600]

Hardly Working [827x1169]

Hazardous Materials [1500x2200]

Home Sweet Home [827x1169]

Thunderbolt [1000x1523]

Fire [827x611]

Lack Of Planning [827x1169]

Largest Selection [827x1169]

Last Car [1500x2012]

No Trespassing [656x854]

No Smoking [827x1169]

No Smoking [827x1169]

No Smoking [827x1169]

Motto [827x1169]

Out Of Order [827x1169]

Out To Lunch [827x1169]

Parking Programmers [1500x2012]

Parking Ticket [827x1169]

Public Service [827x1169]

Repairman [827x1169]

Ring Bell [827x1169]

Salesman [827x1169]

Special! [827x1169]

Staff Notice [827x1169]

Wanted For Cattle Rustlin [827x1169]

Wanted For Public Drunkeness [827x1169]


Gabi said...

I think this is a funny website,

Anonymous said...

i coppied the toilet ones. my water is low so have to use outhouse or flush less often. UGH!