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Oct 4, 2006

Circus lion attack

October 4, 2006 - Minduan City, China
A circus lion jumped on the audience during the performance in China, the local Mass Media reported.
The incident happened in Minduan city. The lion jumped over the 2 meter barrier. So the animal was in the crowd of the audience. The spectators were panic-stricken.
As a result of the animal` s aggression 3 people received wounds. One of them was pregnant (abortion happened).

Policeman shot the lion.

Other incidents from circuses

Incident in which 2 elephants run amok inside San Juan arena. Elephants reportedly sustain injuries after being chased under arena's bleachers. Angelica, 1 elephant in incident, is same elephant videotaped being chained and beaten by bullhook, incident for which Ringling is also under investigation.

Woman suffers sprained wrist and possibly torn ligaments when Asian elephant on exhibit at Westmoreland Fair grabs her wrist with her trunk after woman reaches to pet 8,200-pound pachyderm. Jewel is 1 of 2 elephants owned by Cole Bros. Circus and leased to Wambold’s Circus Menagerie, Florida-based act that travels country with several exotic animals.

Circus truck pulling trailer with 2 elephants breaks down on Interstate 95 during trip from Maine to their performance in Massachusetts.

Tova, 36-year-old female Asian elephant, kicks her elephant trainer at Ringling Bros. Circus’s elephant breeding facility. Man is airlifted to hospital and suffers fractured pelvis and soft tissue wound. Tova is disciplined with temporary isolation from her peers. Bruce Read, vice president of animal stewardship for center, says, “This is normal elephant behavior.”

Elephant fatally tramples her trainer while being loaded into truck. Trainer dies after being taken to hospital with critical chest injuries. Elephant, owned by Tarzan Zerbini Circus, is hired to perform in Fort Wayne Mizpah Shrine Temple’s annual circus at time of trampling. In similar incident, another employee of same circus is injured in 1995 when elephant knocks him to ground and stomps on his abdomen.

Bengal tiger with Great Circus of China bites and mangles circus worker’s hand after worker got too close to tiger’s cage. Woman is rushed to hospital and is recovering.

Chimpanzee with Hadi Shrine Circus bites circus guest during pre-show picture event with guests and animals. Guest is treated at hospital for puncture wound and released. Circus officials report chimpanzee was unprovoked.

18-year-old circus worker is bitten by bear while trying to break up aggressive behavior among several bears at Big Cat Habitat. Man is flown to Bayfront Medical Center where he is listed in fair condition.

White tiger, Apollo, escapes from circus and wanders through park, across Jackie Robinson Parkway, and through nearby residential streets. Incident causes multi-car accident, and 4 adults and 1 child suffer minor injuries. 450-pound tiger is eventually coaxed back into his cage.

2 baby zebras jump fence of traveling circus and make their way down southbound Expressway 83. Trucks with ropes corral zebras. Animal Control also sets up fences. Zebras are finally herded into back of truck. 1 police officer and 1 onlooker receive scratches when kicked by zebras. Zebras are treated for wounds.

Alligator bites animal handler while being moved from public viewing pit outside arena. Handler suffers 6 punctures to right hand. Audience at performance is unaware of occurrence.

Tory and Mary, 2 elephants performing with Shrine Circus, bolt out of circus tent during show, scattering crowds. Mary hikes 2 miles through town and is recaptured at University of Wisconsin-Stout campus when trucks block her route. 1 child is injured, and elephants damage door at park and cause $600 in damage to city truck.

2 elephants leased by Hawthorn Corporation to Circus Vazquez rampage through church. 2 church members are nearly trampled, and children are quickly ushered to safety. Elephants crash into church through glass window, break and buckle walls and door frames, and knock car 15 feet, causing estimated $75,000 in damages. Elephants suffer cuts and bruises.

Poisonous cobra bites snake charmer in front of crowd of about 500 people during performance of Royal Palace Circus. Man rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

Circus elephant panics at high school, runs off for quarter mile, damages police car.

Tiger with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus grabs trainer by head and drags him around ring, inflicting severe head injuries.

Tyke, elephant with Circus International, kills her trainer, injures circus groom and dozen spectators, and rampages through city before she is shot to death by police.

Elephant with Moscow Circus attacks translator offstage at ABC’s Live with Regis and Kathie Lee television show. Woman suffers skull fracture, broken ribs, and punctured lung.

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Matchstick Castle

Awesome matchstick version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Patrick Acton - the Matchmaker!

The model is based on Hollywood's version of Hogwarts seen in the Harry Potter blockbuster movies and contain over a half-million matchsticks held together with 15 gallons of carpenter's wood glue! This is so unbelievable!

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Hybrid Beast found dead

A mysterious creature found dead in Maine is suspected to be the one that has mauled dogs and could have been the subject of local legend for half a generation. For the past 15 years, residents at Maine has reported of seeing and hearing a msysterious animal with chilling montrous cries and eyes that glow in the night.

Michelle spotted the animal near her yard about a week before it was killed. She called it a "hybrid mutant of something."

"It was evil, evil looking. And it had a horrible stench I will never forget. We locked eyes for a few seconds and then it took off. I've lived in Maine my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."

The animal has been blamed for attacking and killing a Doberman pinscher and a Rottweiler past couple of years. At first Wildlife officials and animal control officers declined to examine the remains but in the end, a DNA analysis was made and showed that the animal was a rare wolf-dog hybrid.

The beast was charcoal gray, weighed between 40 and 50 pounds and had a bushy tail, a short snout, short ears and curled fangs hanging over its lips.

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