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Jul 7, 2006

The world´s smallest figures

I´ve found this interesting pictures - the world's smallest figures!
This is incredible!

Adam and Eve in a pencil lead

Barn Owl perched in the eye of a needle

Cast of Peter Pan on of a fish hook

Cat on a hair

Charles Dickens in the eye of a needle

Classius Clay vs Sonny Liston

Elephant on a pin

Elvis Presley on a pinhead

Frankie Dettori riding Dubai Millenium on a pinhead

Girl with balloon walking an eyelash

Gold tiger in the eye of a needle

Marilyn Monroe on a diamond

Polar Bear cub on a granule of sugar

Ship on a crystal

Six wives of Henry VIII

Snow White and the seven dwarfs

String Quartet

Swan on a pin head

The Last Supper

The Statue of Liberty in the eye of a needle

The Thinker on a pinhead

Titanic on the tip of a pin

Tower Bridge

Winston Churchill in the eye of a needle


emperorpartin said...

Why are there no other comments on this? This is AMAZING STUFF.

Anonymous said...

It´s just incredible... How did he make them? My congratulations for the artist