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Jul 22, 2006

George Bush - funny videos

Bush Sings "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - someone has strung together Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 using video clips from hundres of various Bush Speeches. Gotta see it to believe it!


Bush and Blind Reporter - President Bush teases a reporter about his shades, unaware that he is nearly blind and requires them - Bush later apologized for the incident - VIDEO

Bush on Border Patrol - an obviously doctored (but still funny) clip with President Bush talking about immigration control - VIDEO

Bush Strategic Thinker - President Bush says he hopes to be remembered as a strategic thinker, then proves why he won't be - VIDEO

Bush Drinking Again? - hilarious footage of President Bush talking in slow-motion and it makes him sound like a lush - VIDEO

Hillary Reacts to Bush - Hillary Clinton reacts to a statement made by President Bush, summarized best by Jon Stewart - VIDEO

Bush on Leaving Iraq - President Bush doesn't seem so sure about his stance on U.S. forces withdrawing from of Iraq - VIDEO

Drunken George Bush - he is seriously tanked. It's like he downed a 5th of vodka and smoked a doob to get that slow - VIDEO

Bush's Speech Writer - Andy Dick stars in this hilarious skit as Harlan McCraney, President Bush's genious speech writer - VIDEO

Poutine Endorses Bush - George W. Bush and others have kind words for Prime Minister Jean Poutine, who doesn't exist - VIDEO

Bush & OBGYNs - President Bush attempts to support doctors in a speech with an odd choice of words - VIDEO

Bush Sovereignty - video of President Bush with an inexplicable sentence about sovereign tribes - VIDEO

Presidential Salute - outtake video of President Bush giving the camera the finger - VIDEO

Bush on Global Warming - awesome clip of Will Ferrell playing bush from SNL - this is just hilarious - VIDEO

That word of the day calendar that Karl Rove got Bush for his birthday is really paying off - VIDEO

I am rubber and you are glue, George Bush. - VIDEO

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