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Jul 19, 2006

3D kama art

This exhibition was on show at the Chambéry Modern Art Museum in France, from 15th November 2005 to 30th May 2006.

The collection is composed of twenty sculptures in white marble.

The artist who produced these sculptures, a French national who was born in the Alps in 1963, kept this collection away from the public eye in his workshop for a long time. He finally accepted that a photomontage of these works be made, as long as he himself is left in peace...
I hope that the quality of the presentation will give you a good idea of the impressiveness and realism of the depicted scenes.

And you are free to try this with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Good luck!

The 69

The Altar

The Andromaque

The Angelus

The Bevel

The Brace

The Chapel

The Charge

The Coach

The Coachman

The Compass

The Emperor

The Empress

The Greyhound

The Horsewoman

The Ladder

The Prayer

The Stars

The Throne

The Toga

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